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With the ever-evolving government regulations, and union agreements, it’s critical to work with a company that has the experience, knowledge, and technology to meet the needs of today’s productions. 

Experience our first-class customer service, product line-up, and resources, Revolution can help by partnering with you every step of the way. 

Get the Revolution experience with services tailored to the specific needs of your project


Feature Films

We can support you with just about any type of feature, from Big Budget, Independents, Short-form, New Media, or Documentary.

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Television programming with no limitations, including; Reality (unscripted), Scripted, Documentary, Sports, MOW, Live, Game-show, Pilot, or Episodic. 

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Regardless if it’s New Media, Radio, Demo, Industrial, Short-Form, Long-form, or Info, we are equipped to handle it.

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music videos

Music Videos

Music videos are like commercials in many ways, with production lasting just a few days. Performance, narrative, or concept-based, we’re here for you.

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live events

Live Events

From Concerts, Stand-up Comedy, or Theatre. We’ve got the resources to help you no matter where your production is.

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Allocating hours to the correct projects requires sophisticated software programming. We've got the experts, and systems to handle just about any situation you can throw at us.

Experience digital transformation, get more done in less time

Working with our payroll services gives you free access to our best-in-class technologies and a paperless experience for you and for your crew.

Digital Crew Onboarding

The new industry leading web-based employee onboarding and timecard application.

Production Accounting

We make production accounting a breeze. Minimize manual processes with easy data entry, and reporting.

Discover ProBooks



Payments made for free TV, basic cable, pay cable, video/DVD, New Media, and theatrical productions: our experts help you stay compliant with the CBAs.

Discover ProBooks

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Production Hub

Our beautiful, mobile-friendly stripboard and call sheets, combined with a quick overview of your locations, creative assets, cast and crew information.

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Studio Wiki

Policies, protocols, procedures, announcements, last minute changes: control that the information has been received, read and approved.

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File Management

Documents Library with custom access rights per folder, per file, keyword search, and integrations with Box, Dropbox and Google Drive. 

Discover SetKeeper

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Document Distribution

Distribute documents via emails and text messages. Track email opens, attachment downloads, and get notified of any delivery errors.


Document Watermarking

Automatically generate individual watermarks, safeguarding against security breaches.

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Advanced Security

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), Single Sign On (SSO), burned-in watermark, forensic barcode and unique tracking code, password-protected link and PDF-download prevention. 

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